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Guys, you'll be surprised at these amazing benefits of charcoal. Charcoal is one of the most disregarded products at home. We only see the need for it when it is time to set fire for food. However, if you really need first aid, charcoal is something you need to have on you all the time. You might not know this but it is one of the most medicinal products you can have at home due to its poison extraction ability.


Heyyy, how's everyone been? Well, Guys, I started YOGA today, and sh*t, it's different from normal cardio I'm used to. I've always admired YOGA poses; like when I come across a picture of someone in a YOGA position, I just pause for a moment and stare. Today I decided to get serious with it as part of my weight loss program, and boy, my body was shaking! No jokes. I wasn't able to get a steady pose for a long time though because it was actually after my morning workout so I was literally tired, but I promise you that for the 7 miutes I tried it, I felt the burn.


Here we are, afraid of losing what we have all the time, holding on to it so tight that not a soul can touch it. We think by hiding it from the world, it’s hidden and it’s ours. Nothing is. Nothing ever will be. For, nothing ever was.

MY FAVOURITE FACE MASK (Turmeric and Honey)

Hi guys, been a while I wrote on skin care, and I'm super sorry I've been MIA on relevant issues you guys loved the most! But I'm back now and we gonna catch up on everything we've missed.