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Heyyy, how's everyone been? Well, Guys, I started YOGA today, and sh*t, it's different from normal cardio I'm used to. I've always admired YOGA poses; like when I come across a picture of someone in a YOGA position, I just pause for a moment and stare. Today I decided to get serious with it as part of my weight loss program, and boy, my body was shaking! No jokes. I wasn't able to get a steady pose for a long time though because it was actually after my morning workout so I was literally tired, but I promise you that for the 7 miutes I tried it, I felt the burn.

Below are the reasons why I started YOGA and the benefits

1. Flexibility

My body is inflexible; I've always known that and today it reminded me again. Yoga helps increase flexibility. I couldn't touch my toes well with my back bent but it doesn't matter cause once you stick with it, your body will begin to loosen.

2. Weight Reduction

Well, I already told how effective YOGA can be when it comes to weight loss.

3. Builds Muscle Strength

Strong muscles don't just give you a better look, they also protect you from conditions like arthritis, and back pain, and can even help prevent falls in elderly people. Amazing, isn't it?

4. Perfects Your Posture

Poor posture can cause neck and back pain, and other muscle and joint problems. Yoga can help prevent that.

5. Prevents Cartilage and Joint Breakdown

Each time you practise Yoga, you take  your joints through their full range of motion.

6. Protects Your Spine

Spinal disks; the shock absorbers between the vertebrae that can herniate and compress nerves, are kept supple with YOGA.

7. Improves Your Bone Health

Weight-bearing exercise strengthens bones and help ward off osteoporosis. Many postures in YOGA require that you lift your own weight. And some, like Downward and Upward Facing Dog, help strengthen the arm bones which are particularly vulnerable to osteoporotic fractures.

8. Increases Your Blood Flow

YOGA gets your blood flowing. The relaxation exercises you learn in yoga can help in circulation especially in your hands and feet. Yoga also gets more oxygen to your cells, which function better as a result.

9. Drops Your Blood Pressure

If you've got high blood pressure, you might benefit from YOGA.

10. Makes You Happier

Hell Yeah! You won't understand the peace and happiness that comes over you when you're done. Feeling sad? Sit in Lotus, or rise up into a back-end or soar-to-talk-into-King-Dancer(please check for all these names on YouTube) pose. Consistent YOGA practice fights depression and leads to a significant increase in serotonin levels and  decrease in the levels of monoamine oxidase(an enzyme that breaks down neurotransmitters) and cortisol.

11. Healthier Lifestyle 

Yes I'm all about that now because I'm tired of giving excuses and procrastinating. My new motto now is Move more, and eat less. A regular practice gets you moving, and burns calories. Yoga may also inspire you to become a more conscious eater.

12. Helps You Focus

I sincerely believe that I was inspired to write this, after my YOGA this morning 'cause I wasn't about to write anything new; lol. As usual, I promise new content and I fail. I wrote today and I'm kinda proud of myself.
Regular YOGA practice improves coordnation, reaction time, memory, and even IQ scores. People who practise Transcendental Meditation demonstrate the ability to solve probems and acquire and recall information better; probably because they're less distracted by their thoughts, which can play over and over like an endless tape loop.

13. Helps You Sleep Deeper

If you find it difficult to sleep at night, yoga will help. Stimulation is good but too much of it taxes the nervous system. Yoga can provide relief from the hustle and bustle of modern life.

14. Gives You Peace of Mind

I bet you already know this. Yoga quells the fluctuatios of the mind. In other words, it slows down the mental loops of frustration, regret, anger, fear, and desire that can cause stress.

15. Increases Your Self-Esteem

Many of us suffer from chronic low self-esteem; I used to. If you handle this negatively like take drugs, overeat, work too hard, sleep around, you may pay the price in poorer health physically, mentally, and spiritually. If you take a positive approach and practise Yoga, you'll sense, initially in brief glimpses and later in more sustained views, that you're worthwhile.

16. Benefits Your Relationship

Love may not conquer all, but it certainly can aid in healing. A regular yoga practice helps develop friendliness, compassion, and greater equanimty.

That's it, guys. There are more benefits of YOGA but let me stop at these 16. I hope I've inspired you to start today; don't procrastinate. You can find the videos on YouTube, and let's get that sound mind, and great body together.

Love you!❤


  1. Well to YOGA moxie

  2. Lol my body is not flexible too so I’ll give it a try

  3. Hahaha okay I'll try it this night


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