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It was 12 O’Clock midday, I just woke up but stayed in bed. I glanced around and saw the novel I was reading till I fell asleep, was on the verge of being torn. I must have slept on it with my big body.

Each day I woke up late, I feel a part of me has been rendered useless because I lost touch of what I was supposed to do in the morning, like my workout. I’ve made myself countless promises of sleeping early but it’s never worked-maybe because I haven’t been serious about it.

Oh! I have a date today. I was supposed to meet up with this guy Vera hooked me with. Vera was my high school friend and we were pretty much close while in school, but after graduation, everyone went their separate ways to prepare for college. It’s been three years since we were done with college and I had gone to Denver to stay with my Uncle and his family last year, while working as a writer. I got a call one hot afternoon, and the happy caller was Vera. She explained she was texting with some of our old school mates who told her I was in the same city with her and she just couldn’t wait to reunite with me.

She was always the life of the party while I was the shy one who’s always being begged to keep my phone down and socialise.

We fixed a date to meet up-at the 16th Street Mall where we did grocery shopping together; well I’m addicted to shopping. We chatted about old times while we picked a few stuff from the shelves.

She works in a food store as a sales rep where she was making some money to support the one her parents gave her. While at the counter where we were supposed to check out, we saw this blonde hot guy who was standing adjacent to us waiting for his receipt; she winked at me to talk him, and I replied “for what?”. At that moment the guy heard us, and said hi.

“Hello, you’re so cute”, she said.

“Thank you, and you too”, he replied with a grin that revealed his perfect set of teeth. He was really handsome.

“If not that my man is coming to pick me up, you know I’d have asked for his number”, she whispered to me.

“You don’t ever change”, I replied with a chuckle.

Once we were done, and out, a young guy in his early 30’s was waiting beside a red Toyota Prius with his arms folded on his chest, and legs crossed. Vera waved at him to come around, and I knew it had to be her boyfriend. He was dark, tall, and handsome, about 6ft tall. She hugged, and kissed him, and deep down I knew it was just PDA.

I didn’t like the flirtatious look he gave me when she made the introductions, but I knew better than let someone be embarrassed-especially not my friend’s boyfriend.

“Hi, Aaron”, I said as I extended my hand.

“Hey Moxie, you really beautiful “, he said while holding on tight, even as I tried to let go.

“Eermm”, came Vera clearing her throat, and letting us know she’s still there.

“Honey, you must really like her”, she turned towards her boyfriend.

“Not the way you think though. She’s just pretty”, he smiled.

“Oh, I’m prettier, and besides, I don’t think Moxie is into guys”, she licked her lips, looking at me and expecting me to nod in agreement. I saw jealousy burning in her eyes and I knew it was time for me to leave.

“Uh, talk to you later. I need to get home and cook; I’m starving”. I left swinging my hips-not that I intended to do so, but my butt always jiggle when I walk. I called an Uber to take me home as I kept imagining what the situation will be like between Vera and Aaron; I’ve always known her to be crazy, and I hoped she doesn’t end up breaking up with her man because of me.

“C’mon, you can’t deny that guy is cute. Did you see his lips”, said my inner voice.

“Oh, hush! That’s my friend’s boyfriend please!”

“Is everything ok, ma’am?”, asked the Uber driver who peeped at me from his rear mirror.

“Yeah, sure. How far are we from my destination?”

“You’ll be home in the next 10 minutes, ma’am”.

“Ok”, I replied as I looked around his car to focus my mind on something else other than Aaron and Vera.

“Such a neat guy”, I concluded in my thoughts.

My phone rang, jerking me back to reality! It was Eric, the guy I’m supposed to meet with today. For the first time in my life, I’m going on a blind date. Vera had chatted me two days after the mall incidence, telling me Aaron’s friend saw my picture and fell in love with me. Well since I’ve been in Denver for a year, it’s only fair to myself I give someone a chance and see what comes out of it.

“Hey babe”, said Eric on the other end.

“Hi, you know I’ve said you can call me Moxie for now”.

“Sorry, Moxie, you ready? I’ll pick you up in thirty minutes.

Wow, wait! It’s 12:20 already!, I exclaimed after glancing at the clock. So I had spent about nineteen minutes thinking about Aaron and Vera.

“Eric, I know we’re supposed to meet up by 1 p.m. but could we make it 1:30 p.m. so I don’t keep you waiting, please? I pleaded.

“Oh, sure, 1:30 it is then”, he hung up. It was obvious he was disappointed.

I sighed and got into shower.

Thanks for reading, guys..

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  1. Moxie is back! I love you girl. I'm a huge fan. Wait are youuuuuu???

    1. Lol, whatever, haha!. Just enjoy the series ❤

  2. Yesss. Now I have a reason to always check your blog. Am a newcomer

  3. Master piece

  4. How did you learn to write please? Teach me

    1. I didn't learn to write, hon. It's a talent. I Just start writing, and it flows

  5. Henry Cheks odinigwe16 May 2018 at 20:50

    My butt always jiggle when I walk tho.... This had me cracking up��������... I love the write up hon, Can I be Aaron plssssssssssssssss ����������

  6. First time reading and I love it. Definitely subscribing girl ♥️

  7. You always make your stories so real, and the suspense killing. Sunday, please Moxie

  8. Dat yoruba girl17 May 2018 at 23:30

    Omg the drama that is about to unfold


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