Hi guys, it’s been a while I talked about relationship so let’s discuss it today.

I am tired of seeing people compare their lives with others’ on the internet! Let’s talk about dating, using Meghan Markle, and Prince Harry as an example.

Let me make this clear, guys, so no one keeps deceiving you. A MAN ONLY GETS MARRIED WHEN HE IS READY!

I see people saying Prince Harry dated Chelsy Davy for seven years and didn’t marry her, but married Meghan after a year of dating. Now you are beginning to compare that with your man you have been dating for 4 years or more.

Okay let’s say you started dating a man from college till you graduated and you both begin to look for a job then start planning your future, how many years do you think that will take? Let’s say 6. Along the line, a man who is searching for a wife because he’s ready or old enough to be married, comes your way and you agree to marry him, then you marry him in less than a year, do you also open your mouth to say “I dated my boyfriend for 6 years and he didn’t marry me, but my husband married me in less than a year?”

That man married you because he is ready for marriage and was obviously looking for a wife! Stop going around deceiving people that a man that loves you will marry you fast! As a matter of fact, a man that loves you will take his time with you. Why will he rush when he’s gonna spend his life with you forever?

Back to Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle, Prince Harry started dating his ex Chelsy Davy from 2004-2011, and guess what? She broke up with him! He didn’t break up with her! She broke up with him because she couldn’t keep up with being a Royal girlfriend. That means she would have still left even if he married her.

From 2011-2017 when he met Megan is 6 years and that’s enough time for him to move on. Who told you he wouldn’t have gotten married to Chelsy? Men do not leave the women they love! Half of the time, it’s always the women that leave them, that they end up getting married to any woman that is available when they are ready to get married.

I remember I was on and off with my ex because he was a serial cheat till he wanted to get married to me in 2015 or thereabout, and I said no! Why? Because he will keep cheating and I don’t want that. He desperately wanted to be married because of his age not because he was ready, and he finally found someone and got married. Now someone is gonna tell this story this way “He dated Moxie for about three years or more, but didn’t marry her. He dumped her and married another woman under few months of meeting her”. What a dumb analysis!

This is why you should never let anyone pressure you! Many people are not married to who they love all because of pressure and “I wanna belong”. It’s none of my business how you choose to live your life! But do not deceive others just for social media hype, and temporary happiness. There are so many unhappy marriages, high rate of divorce, and high rate of cheating. Why?

Some will tell you a man can cheat and still love you. Of course, but that is a selfish man!, and is love selfish? Cheating is an act of selfishness! And loving someone is mental because while your body wants it, your mind won’t let it happen.

SUMMARY: There is no rule on how long you should date before marriage but a man only gets married when he’s ready. If you pressure him, he may marry you but he won’t make you happy. So if you think your man is wasting time, it’s either you leave or you stay. The choice is yours but stop comparing already-made men looking for a wife, and a man that’s still working hard to stand on his feet without shaking.



  1. Honestly i love you i cant explain why

  2. Apt Moxie. So apt

  3. It's like you are talking to me o. Why so much wisdom, Moxie?

  4. Best thing i have read online


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