While in shower, I had erotic imaginations of my date with Eric. It’s been over a year I chilled with a guy. I had mixed feelings which were accompanied by childish giggles as I thought about how he’ll treat me like a queen—his voice gave me the chills that he is so gentlemanly, and romantic.

My phone rang again and I was brought back to reality; almost falling on the slippery bath.

“That would have been a disaster”, I thought.

I quickly lathered my body with my shower gel, and strawberry and pineapple fragrance filled the air. This always made me stay longer in shower, but today is not another day for that. It must have been Eric who called me the second time.

I washed off the last soap sud from my feet, turned off the shower, and walked into my room. Each time I walk past my mirror, I smile at my endowments; well, I’ve always known I’m vain.

“My sunblock lotion is almost finished”,
I thought to myself as I ran my fingers on my wet face in circular motion—I don’t use towels because I don’t like applying my moisturiser on a dry skin. I remember as a child, my mum always pleaded with me to use towels after shower because my room floor always had wet footprints which end up being messy. She was such a neat freak. That didn’t make me change.

My phone rang again for the third time. It was Eric. I was indecisive for about 6 seconds on whether to pick or not.


“Yeah, hi. I called before”

“Yeah, I’m sorry. I was in the shower”

“It’s fine. Could you text your address to me? I’d be with you in 10, I’m driving out already”

“Uh, sure. I...I’d do that right away”

“Everything ok?”

“Yea..h. See you in a bit”


I pinched myself so hard. Why was I stuttering on phone for God’s sake!

I wore my pant and bra; sat in bed, and typed my address as fast as I could.

My makeup usually took 2hours but I’m left with 5 minutes to finish up before Eric gets to my house. I already have an idea of what I want to wear: my yellow short dress, and black stilettos. Swiftly, I pulled my makeup bag from my closet and threw all the contents on my bed. I started with my brows that takes about 40 minutes to perfect when doing my proper makeup. I finished the left brow in 6 minutes and while I was on the right one, my phone rang again.

“I won’t pick this call”, I swore under my breath. The calls were incessant, and I knew it wouldn’t be Eric. I put on my concealer, then hurriedly picked my phone. It was my uncle!

“Hi, Uncle”

“Hello, how are you, my wife may not be coming home today so could you go to the mall and get some food stuff so we can have something for dinner?”

“Uh, right now?”


My uncle is a nice man but I can’t tell him I have a blind date with a guy.

“Can I do it later in the evening. Maybe when I’m coming back, I’ll get some stuff for lamb stew and pasta?”.

“Sure, but where are you going to?”

“To see an old friend of mine”

“Oh, do tell her to visit one of these days. I’ll love to know all your friends. I suppose it’s a she, right?”

“Uh, yes”

“Alright then”

I lied; I know.

I checked my call log, and I saw Eric had called me again. I didn’t return the call till I finished my makeup. It wasn’t one of my nest looks, but I still looked beautiful.

I wore my dress and my shoes, packed my hair in a bun, and walked down with grace to the gate. I already knew that for Eric to call again meant he was at my house. I admired myself while climbing down the stairs, swaying my hips and flicking my eyelashes. I felt like a princess—my dress accentuated my curves, my nails were done and so beautiful, my skin glaring with my body shimmer. I smelt so good like fresh banana. All Eric would wanna do when he sees me is eat me up.

It took me 10 minutes to walk to the gate that normally would take two minutes. As I opened the gate, there was a black BMW 2 series opposite with headlamps on. I saw the driver; a young guy in his early 30’s, chocolate skin, neatly shaved side burns—I could only see his side view.

I dialled Eric again, and the young guy put his phone to ear. “I was right all along that it was Eric”, my heart throbbed.

“Hello, sorry I kept you waiting”

“Yeah sure. It’s fine. I just had to wait to see your face, and trust me you are so beautiful”. My heart leaped.

“But”, he continued, “you don’t have to treat people you don’t like with so much disregard!”, he hung up, and drove off.

“Is this a movie or what?”

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  1. The ending. Moxie you’re good at this. Hahaha

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  3. Please post episode 3 already. I keep coming here

  4. Moxie where is the next episode na

  5. Dat yoruba gal12 June 2018 at 11:19

    Love it. Eric is a savage ��

  6. Moxie what happened na it’s one month


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