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I stood there, hoping it was a dream. Five minutes passed and it seemed like five years. I stared at my phone wishing Eric would call back.

Walking back to the house with my heels on felt like a heavy stone was tied to my ankles and I was being forced to drag it along while I walk. Slowly I bent down and removed them and walked barefoot to my room to cry eyes out—but not without taking pictures of my beautiful makeup. If I lost Eric, I wouldn’t lose a good picture.

I got about five selfies before finally losing it. I stared in the mirror as the tears dropped ruining my mascara. They ran straight to my parted lips which I licked with the tip of my tongue.

“Why do tear drops taste salty?” I wondered

‘Grin Grin’, came my phone. It was my uncle.

“Hi, Uncle”, I sounded as calm as I could.

“Hello, I’m about to leave the office. I want to find out if you’ve decided what we having for dinner yet. If not, I could get some coconut rice and coleslaw from Kegveg restaurant”.

Kegveg has always been my uncle’s favourite restaurant, and that was exactly where he met his wife five years ago. He had ordered Chicken rice which is his favourite meal, and while waiting for his food to arrive, he spotted a beautiful lady who had just finished having seafood paella.

He quickly went outside while waiting for her to be out. Once out, he walked up to her and told her she was pretty, and would like to have a lunch date with her. She agreed and gave him her complimentary card.

Remembering the way my uncle told his love story with happiness and pride that his wife never played hard to get—made me wonder if Eric thought I was playing hard to get hence he had to drive out on me.

“Are you there, Moxie?”

“Uh, yes Uncle”, I gasped.


“What did you ask again?”

“You know what? I’ll buy food when coming, just make sure you good”.

“Thanks Uncle”.

I started plotting a lie to tell him when he’s back because it was obvious I wasn’t okay.

I opened my skincare closet, and took out my face wipe to clean off the makeup before washing my face. I sniffed while I removed the stubborn mascara—it was hard to remove because it hasn’t been quite long it dried up.

Grateful that I don’t have to go to the mall again, I took my novel from under my pillow, and continued from chapter three where I stopped. My favourite genre of books has always been romance and horror, and this particular one was romance. Being a hopeless romantic, I always have crazy imaginations while reading which are often accompanied by wild fantasies.

I remembered my first kiss nine years ago. It was with this cute guy, Michael, I knew from high school. He was Rachael’s twin brother, and she was my best friend then...

'Beep Beep'....

It was a text message from my phone. I didn’t bother to read nor to check to see who it was from. I was lost in thoughts of my first kiss—I was a novice and didn’t know how to.

I had gone to their house on Racheal’s invite, and while she was in the kitchen making noodles, I was in the living room watching Cinderella movie. He came in and engaged me in a conversation and asked if I believed in fairy tale and I said yes. He asked me to kiss him, and I was shy, then he brought his lips close to mine, and I.......

'Pee Pee', My uncle’s car horn jerked me back to reality, and I picked my phone and strolled downstairs to welcome him, and help with the things he bought.

On the staircase, I glanced at my phone, and Eric’s name was on the screen. Oh! The text message was from him. It read “I’m sorry I was immature. I couldn’t get your beautiful face out of my head so I’m back to make it up. I’m outside”.

Omg! My uncle! Eric!

Read Episode 4 HERE


  1. This suspense is too much Moxie. I need to know what happened. When is episode 4 coming out?

  2. Just as I was enjoying it, it ended like Nepa. Moxie I'm seriously waiting for this next episode

  3. Is this a true life story? Your stories are always too real to be fiction

  4. I love your stories hon

  5. Dat yoruba gal24 June 2018 at 13:06

    Hmm gbese

  6. How did I miss this!!


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