How do I explain who Eric is, to my Uncle? I already lied I was meeting a female friend.

“Ok, I got this”, I hit my right fist in my left palm, and swiftly walked down the stairs.

“Hey, do you know who this guy is looking for?”, My uncle asked, pointing towards the opposite side of the road where Eric’s parked.

“Uh—yes, he’s a—friend”, I stammered.

“Wow, cool, invite him over let’s all have dinner”.

“I—don’t think that’s a good...”,

“Good what? C’mon, I know you’re an adult, Moxie, and you’re allowed to have friends; unless you’re saying he’s....”,

“Okay Uncle, I’ll invite him right away”, I said, cutting him short.

How do I deal with having my uncle sit with I and Eric when I’m just meeting him for the first time.

“It’s gonna be a long night”, I muttered under my breath.

Eric was still in his driver’s seat, glued to his phone the entire time I was out conversing with my uncle and helping him unpack. I was cocksure he knew I was there but acted like he didn’t know.

I swung my hips as usual and crossed the road to his car—he was still stuck on his phone like he was reading something that has taken his senses away.

I knocked softly on his window, but he didn’t raise an eye. I knocked harder, and he came back to reality with a jerk. He rubbed his eyes, and wound down his window.

“Hey”, he said—with a smile that revealed his perfect dentition, and well placed gap tooth.

“Oh my! Am I not in love already?”,

“Hello, uh, I was wondering if you could come have dinner with us”,

“By us, you mean?”,

“I, and my uncle—sorry”, I answered with a shrug wondering why he had to feign ignorance. My uncle had just drove in few minutes ago.

“Sure thing. I’ll love to taste your food. Bet it’ll be yummy”, I could tell he was excited.

But Only if he knew that the food was bought from Kegveg restaurant, and I didn’t prepare it myself.

We walked back to the house, and I was dumbfounded the entire time because I was scared and shy at the same time. He was handsome, and about 6ft tall. His biceps showed he was a gym guy—the type girls drool over, and try to make him notice them.

I led him to the sitting room while I hurried to the kitchen to microwave the food. Omg! I remembered my uncle didn’t buy an extra plate since his wife wasn’t coming home.

Quickly I dialed his number to notify him:

“Errm, there are just two plates, what is Eric supposed to eat?”

“No, there are three plates, I bought an extra plate to take to work in the morning. He can have that”.

“Oh gracious”, I sighed.

Once the food was in the microwave, I proceeded to set the dining table, which was in the left corner of the sitting room, close to the refrigerator. My eyes caught with Eric’s as I walked in, and cold shivers ran down my spine.

“Hey, you need help in the kitchen?”

“No, I’m good”.

“Okay, nice house. Your Uncle’s wife is pretty”, he said, looking at the family portrait of my uncle and his wife that’s on the wall.

“Yes, she is”, I replied idly.

“You don’t talk much, do you?”

For a second, I was lost on what answer to give because me being quiet at that moment is a result of all the drama that had happened—from him driving off on me, and coming back at almost same time with my uncle.

“No—I don’t, I’m sorry”,

“Look, if you still mad about what happened, I’m truly sorry—I was immature for real, and that’s why I came back”, he said, walking towards me.

I walked away fast to the kitchen, but he grabbed my hand before I could get to the door—and pulled me close to him that our bodies were not far from hugging each other.

He raised my jaw and looked into my eyes—“I really do like you, Moxie”,

“Eric, this is not a good time for—this”,

“Just tell me you’re not mad at me, and I’ll go back to my seat”.

His eyes were filled with emotions that I couldn’t help but shut mine.

“Why are you closing your eyes?”, he asked again. This time I could feel his breath on my upper lip, and before I could say Jack, his lips have already brushed against mine, and I found myself parting them, and letting his tongue have its way. It forced open my teeth, and licked my tongue.

I moaned softly. I needed him to stop but the words weren’t coming. It’s been long since I had a good kiss. He drew me closer to his body, and my boobs pressed against his stomach. He ran his fingers in my hair, and kissed my forehead.

“I’m sorry, I couldn’t help it”, he kissed me again, and this time I started kissing him back, and pinching his right nip with my thumb and index finger. He groaned like he wanted more....

“You know, you could take him to your room upstairs! That’s more civil than doing this here in the sitting room..”

That was my uncle!

What a day!

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  1. Can we be friends please? First time reading and i'm already in love

  2. Finally. Gosh another suspense

  3. Hmm. Did your uncle mean that?

  4. Lol so Eric is this hot! Fingers crossed. Good one Moxie

  5. I like the fact that you are bare with your writings. You just got a fan


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