“You shouldn’t have started this”, I muttered under my breath.

My uncle had been standing for-God-knows-how-long watching us.

“Let’s eat, Moxie”, he said as he pulled a seat in his favorite position at the dining. There were eight seats, and my uncle usually sat at the left while his wife sits opposite him but tonight she wasn’t around, and her own space was empty. I sat two seats away from my uncle while Eric pulled a seat opposite to mine, unbothered.

“What an egotistic guy”, I thought. I had microwaved all the food and put in a big ceramic plate to dish out. That has been the culture in the house. Food is served at the dining, unlike other homes I’ve been to where food is served at the kitchen and everyone takes theirs to the dining.

I dished for my uncle first, then Eric, before taking mine. I said the prayers, and when I opened my eyes, I glanced at Eric, and realized he’s been looking at me the whole time. Cold shivers ran down my spine as I remembered what had happened between us few minutes ago.

I bowed my head a little, picked my cutleries, and dug into the chicken first.

“Kegveg has the best crispy chicken I’ve ever tasted”, I said, breaking the ice.
“They sure do”, replied my uncle.
“I don’t think so, have you tried Nandy’s Chicken?”, came Eric.
“Where is that?”, asked my uncle interestingly. He must be surprised to find out that there’s some chicken that taste better than Kegveg’s.
“It’s downtown Denver, I could take you there if you don’t mind”, he winked at me.

“So, let’s talk about you, Eric. What do you do for a living. Let me know everything about you”.

At this point, I wanted to distract myself with my phone because I was tensed, but unfortunately, phones are not allowed at the dining as a house rule.

“Uh”, began Eric, clearing his throat.
“I’m a manager at Woodies’ Ventures. It’s owned by dad but he’s retired now, so I manage the company. It’s a big company that’s limited to nothing; we manufacture tissue papers, building materials, and we also have a mall with different vendors”..

“Hold on a second, you’re saying Christopher Woods is your father?”,
“Yes sir”,
“His wife is late, if I’m correct?”,
“That’s correct, sir. My mum is late—lost her two years ago to cancer”.
“Cancer is really a bastard”, I hissed.
“It sure is”, smiled Eric.

“Your father is indeed a great man. Who would have thought you’re the son of a billionaire”.

Eric smiled while he took the last piece of chicken in his plate and scooped the coleslaw on top..

“But I must agree—Kegveg has the best coleslaw in town”.
“Surely”, my uncle replied as he goes to the wash hand basin.

“You guys have fun, but please be careful”, said my uncle while climbing the stairs. I knew he was already going to bed.

I didn’t know what to do next having found out Eric is a rich kid. Was he going to tell me or not—would I have found out if my uncle hadn’t asked him to introduce himself?.. These thoughts were running through my head..

“Hey, you good?”,
“Yes, why?”,
“Cause I’ve been calling you for the past five seconds and you didn’t answer”.
“Oh, I’m sorry, just lost in thoughts”.
“What are you thinking about?”, he pulled me closer to him and stared at my face..
“Not again, Eric, please”,
“What do you mean?”, I haven’t done anything”,
“I think it’s late already”, I said, looking at the wall clock.
“Yeah”, he glanced at his watch,
“I enjoyed your company, and I hope to see more of you”.
“I did too”,
“Goodnight”, he kissed my forehead before heading to the door.
“G-oodnight”, I muttered, wishing he had kissed me one last time.

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