Once Eric was out of sight, I cleared the table, and dropped the plates in the dishwasher.

I snuggled into bed holding my big Minnie Mouse teddy. Reminiscing all the day’s activities and the drama, I checked my small clock on the bedside cupboard, and it was 12:10 a.m.
It’s gonna be another night of no sleep, I thought to myself.

My phone beeped, and it was a WhatsApp message from Vera. I hadn’t talked to her since she hooked me up with Eric.
“Hey girl, long time no word”, she had said.
“I’m sorry, Vee, just been busy”.
“With Eric, huh?”
“Moxie, what’s been happening with you two?”
“Uh, hold on a sec, do you know Eric very well?”
“Not really, I used to have a crush on him. His family and Aaron’s are quite close. Why?”
“Nothing? I’m just asking. How did he get to know about me?”
“We were all together when I was talking about you, and I had your picture from Facebook—I showed them, and he picked interest in you. You sure everything is okay?”
“Yes....”, At this point I was confused on whether to tell her I found out that Eric is from a rich family, or if she already know.

Vera loves to brag, and if she knew she would have told me at first—but how could she not know since Eric is a friend of Aaron?

“So tell me about your date, went well, yeah?”
“Yeah, sure. He’s a great guy”, I wasn’t ready to tell her all the drama that has unfolded because I wasn’t sure if Eric was real about his background.

“And cute too”, she chipped in.
“So, you had a crush on him, why did that stop?”
“C’mon Moxie, I love Aaron so you have nothing to worry about. Your man is safe”.

My man?

“Safe from what? And er, he’s not my man yet”.
“Oh my bad, I thought you guys are serious now”.
“In how many days, Vera? I just met him yesterday”.
“Listen, he’s hot. So if you like him, let him know before these other girls take him away”.
“I’m sleepy, Vee. I’ll chat you up at dawn”.
“Okay, cool, goodnight”

“Jeez! How do girls run after a man because they don’t want to lose him? He should be the one worried about losing me”, I had these thoughts in my head till I fell asleep.

I woke up at 7 a.m, rinsed my mouth with the Listerine mouthwash, and went to the kitchen to wash the plates I had left before hitting the hay. The plates have been washed and arranged in the rack already.
Oh my Uncle’s wife must be back and she must have done the dishes because my uncle would never have.

I went up to her room, knocked but no one answered me. I knocked twice more before opening the door, and her room was still as it was before she departed. I went to my Uncle’s but she wasn’t there so I figured she may have gone to the mall—but on a second thought, I would have seen her bag in her room.

I called my uncle to find out if she was back and he said she won’t be back till the next day.

Who then washed the dishes?

I sighed, and locked the doors. “Guess I’m just being paranoid”, I told myself before getting into shower.

Halfway through, with soap suds all over my face, I heard a gunshot, and a soft knock on my bathroom door...

Read the final episode HERE


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