I was terrified at the sound of the gunshot— is there a thief in the house? I asked myself—but I made sure I checked everywhere in the house before locking the doors—oh well, except the store room!

Who or what did the thief shoot at?

Quietly, I cleared the soap sud from my face then I heard the front door unlocked, opened, and closed. My heart jumped into my mouth as I tiptoed to the bathroom door and turned the knob to the left, then peeped out—my heart was racing.

There was no one there and I figured that whoever it was must have gone. I finished my bath, and wrapped myself in a towel, reached for the blow dryer, and started drying out my wet hair.

I’ve always hated hair nets and shower caps. I’d rather wake up with a messy hair then sleep in a hair net, and I would rather have my hair wet in shower than wear a plastic cap.

My phone rang, distracting me from my thoughts; it was Eric.

“Hello love, you good?”, he asked.
“Uh, yes, how are you?”.
“I’m fine, I was wondering if I could stop by at your place, then we hang out later—maybe get some barbecue fish, and I bring you back home. What do you think?”
“That would be nice Eric. So what time you coming?”
“I’ll be there in ten minutes. I’m actually around your neighborhood. Uh, found an old friend of mine stays here so I’m chilling at his place”.
“Okay then, I’d be waiting”.

Was Eric stalking me? How did he just find out he has a friend in my hood? He has never mentioned anything about Vera nor Aaron. I had so many questions to ask when I see him.

Once my hair was dry, I rolled it up into a bun, and slathered my moisturizer all over my face and body. I wore my house robe which is my usual at-home dress. Before I could get to the kitchen to make food, Eric was in.

“Hey, you hungry?, I asked.
“Yes! As a matter of fact, I’m starving”.
“So what do you want to eat?”
“You”, he replied, smiling and walking towards me”.
“What? We’re alone today. Why are you always shy? Look, I love you, and I want to marry you”, he said, as he knelt down and brought out a small box. He opened it, and it was a James Allen ring.

Oh my God! The only thing I could think about is how expensive this ring is! I was blown away!

“Yes!”, I said! I didn’t know if I said yes because the ring was beautiful and expensive or because I want to marry Eric.

He scooped me off my feet, and carried me to my room while kissing and caressing me. Once in bed, I dragged him to me, and kissed him passionately—After all, he’s my husband to be.

For the first time, I unleashed my crazy side on Eric—I turned him over, and let him lay on his back while I pleasured him with my tongue.

He moaned and groaned at the same time —it was a mixture of pleasure when I use my tongue, and pain when I use my teeth.

After five minutes, he turned me over and we had the best mind blowing s*x ever that we were both screaming while climaxing. Thankfully, it was just the both of us in the house.

I was tired and hungry. I rested for twenty minutes—laying on his chest, before cleaning myself up and going to the kitchen to make white rice and curry sauce.

In one hour, the food was ready.

“Now, I’m sure my stomach is secured with you as my wife”.
“How do you mean? I asked, grinning.
“You a good cook, baby”.
“Thank you”, I blushed.

I laid on Eric’s chest while he was relaxing in the sofa. His chest is my favorite part of his body. I admired my ring, he noticed I was and raised my hand, and kissed it.

“I can’t wait to start planning our wedding”, he said.
“Me too”. I imagined how beautiful life has gotten for me—all the exotic places I would visit, shop as I like, and go on vacations as I like.

I was getting married to a billionaire’s son. While I was enjoying my fantasy, my Uncle’s wife walked in. I ran towards her out of excitement. We weren’t particularly close, but I thought the news of me getting married would make her happy, because I would leave the house—she has never liked the idea of living with anyone except her immediate family.

“Welcome ma, I said while trying to hug her”, she pushed me aside, and removed her sunglasses. There was rage in her eyes on seeing Eric.

“What are you doing here, you criminal?”, she asked with fury as she rushed Eric who dodged her”.

“What do you mean, ma’am. Have we met before?”
“You are so stupid for that question”.
“How do you know this riff raff, Moxie?, she asked turning towards me.
“He’s Billionaire Christopher Wood’s son”.
“Billionaire my foot! This guy and his crew robbed me this morning in our street as I was coming back! Stopped the taxi and I was in with guns pointed at the taxi man to open his trunk. They made away with my bags. I saw this guy from the rear mirror as he closed the trunk and ran opposite the road into a waiting car, and ordered me to go back to where I was coming from”.

“So you’re saying you did the dishes?, I asked her.
“What dishes? Is that some sort of slang?”
“I did the dishes baby, when I came to check if you were safe. I heard a gunshot and wanted to be sure no one was in your apartment but I didn’t want you to know I was in. I cleared the dishes cause we both used them last night”, Eric was unmoved by the accusation.

“I’m calling the cops right away”.
“I’m sorry ma’am, please don’t. I could get you your bags”.

I couldn’t hear the rest of what they said before I passed out. I struggled to open my eyes, and I saw a hazy view of Eric being whisked away by the cops.

“He’s a thief?”, I muttered.

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  1. Gosh Moxie you need to see how I was rushing to see how it all ended. Am heart broken

  2. Moxie please post something new


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