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Hi guys, so based on questions I've been asked on what it means when your partner doesn't post you on social media, and issues this topic has caused, I’ll just share my thoughts on whether it's a necessity that your partner flaunts you on their timeline.

I’ll start by saying that social media is not reality. In fact, the happiest couples aren’t all lovey-dovey on social media. There’s this thing about true happiness—you wanna protect it!

Sometimes, the urge to show people that we have the perfect life, or that we’re really happy—even when we aren’t, makes us show off. I can’t even count how many men who’s got their wives pictures up on their profiles but are still sliding into the dms of other females. I read a dm where a married man was wooing another female, and she said to him, “but you’re married”, and he replied, “yes, but not to you”.
To some people, this may be normal and excused as all men are flirts—which is something I’ll never agree to, no matter how much society wanna force it down my throat. Anyone can be a flirt! It’s not a gender thing.

Back to the topic at hand, I feel social media put unnecessary pressure on relationships because the moment you start showing off you and your partner, you gotta continue like that because once you stop, everyone will assume y’all have broken up. Even when this is not the case, one of the partners may be pressured to keep acting like all is cool, especially when he/she is a public figure.

In essence, the happiest relationships aren’t on social media. If we can all be honest, sometimes the reason we flaunt or show off, is to let people think that we have a perfect life, and that we’re happy! But the question is, are we really? Because if we are, we won’t have any reason to prove it to others.

Do what works for you and your partner, but never judge your own relationship that’s private with the one that’s public. There’s a difference between letting people know you’re taken, and flooding your timeline with pictures of your partner and letting social media followers know you’re in love. An honest person will definitely not act like they’re single when they’re married, and the happiest couples are really busy with their lives, outside of social media. That said, having one or two pictures of your partner on your timeline is okay.

This topic can be related to the way most people show off their parents professing love, but in reality that love isn’t shown to them. Don't fall for everything you see on social media, as all that glitters ain’t gold.

That your partner doesn't post you all over social media doesn't mean he/she does not love you. Couples who flaunt each other the most are the ones who are more likely to cheat.

This is my sincere thoughts and observations so far. Social media shouldn't control our lives.


  1. This is jes what am looking for

  2. Of course, I totally fuck with this

  3. You didnt post this on Facebook moxie

  4. I totally agree

  5. The ones that are cheating will now come and use this excuse why they won't post

  6. I keep telling my girl cheating couples flaunt the most


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