Hi guys, so as part of my weight loss journey, these foods right here are part of my diet.

I don’t strictly diet because it ends up frustrating me at a point, so I do what I like to call “subtle dieting” which means I get to eat protein and fruits every day of the week, except one day where I can eat carbs or any sweet food I want.

I always tell people that weight loss is 80% what you eat, and 20% workout. Workout mostly helps you to tone up your body.

I really love parfait because it’s nutritious and tasty, so here’s how I make it:


1. Vanilla yogurt

2. Fruits: Banana, Pineapple, Apple, Grape, Nuts, Coconut shavings(optional)

Ps, you can use any fruits of your choice. These are just my favorites.


In a clean tall glass cup, put a layer of vanilla yogurt, then add some of the sliced fruits, then another layer of vanilla yogurt, then the fruits(bit by bit).

Your nuts should come last.

Ps, You can slice the big fruits except the grapes.

Now to the chicken peppersoup


1. Chicken(cut in medium sizes)

2. Maggi

3. Salt

4. Ehu(optional) I don’t use it

5. Onion

6. Crawfish(optional) I don’t use it

7. Scotch bonnet pepper

8. Cameroon pepper(optional) I use just little

9. Ginger and garlic

10. Scent leaves(one or two sticks) depending on the quantity of your peppersoup.


1. In a clean pot, place the washed chicken.

2. Add a few cups of water, salt, and Maggi seasoning cubes. Cover to boil

3. Blend your onion, crawfish, pepper, ginger and garlic.

4. When the chicken begins to boil, add your blended ingredients, and salt(be sure to taste so the food doesn’t get salty).

5. Cook on a low heat till meat is tender.

6. Add the chopped scent leaves, and allow to simmer for a minute(leave pot open so the leaves stay green).

Voila! Your peppersoup is ready!

Are you gonna try making these? Let me know in the comments ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿป

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Love you ❤️



  1. It's been a while o moxie. Am coming to your house for this food

  2. Yes I will definitely try its so easy


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