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I came home one night to see a note under my pillow and, it read, "You belong to me Moxie, there is no escape!". I didn't think there was any cause for alarm.. It's obviously someone trying to pull a prank on me.. But who could it be? I didn't know whether to be scared or pretend that it's nothing. Swiftly I checked the house--from the living room, to the bathroom, to the kitchen, to the gym room, and finally my bed room, again! There was no sign that someone had broken into my home. It's not yet time to panic, It could be that I'm just paranoid as usual, or maybe I scribbled that stuff without my knowing . I told myself. I had a warm bath, and went to bed curled up under my duvet. I couldn't dismiss the thoughts--there were so many "what ifs" running through my mind, and I had to leave the lights on because of my fright. Not sure what to do, I hummed hush little baby , don't say a word till I drifted off to sleep.