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THE OBSESSION... Episode Finale

The cops ended up not finding a lead to a suspect. They left and told me to call as soon I start receiving the messages again. Life was starting to be normal again, but I didn’t want to get comfortable, and have this psycho resurface again. It's been almost twelve months since I lost Josh. The cops didn't find his burnt body. Obviously the psycho must have disposed it in a river. I made new friends who cheered me up, but no one could fill the void of loneliness—one special thing I shared with Josh. Slowly I was beginning to get back to my usual self. I'd be 27 in four months, and it was time to work harder, and spend more time with my new friends.


I woke up in the hospital with Sammie by my side holding my hand. I was tad bit surprised to see him. He smiled at me on opening my eyes but I was too weak to smile back, and too weak to say a word. “Bree told me they saw you lying lifeless in your office. They thought you were dead", he said. "How long have I been here?", I managed to ask. 


Photo credit: Pinterest  Question: is it possible to lose weight without going on a diet? Yes, it is! But the thing is that you have to pick a struggle if you really want to lose weight the safest way without depending on pills and tea.


After two weeks of not receiving texts nor calls from this psychopath, I and Josh thought he had finally walked away or better still, dead. I couldn't imagine how someone is hell-bent on making my life miserable.


I was scared and I am still scared. This person was beginning to make life miserable for me. I can't have a relationship with anyone because he threatens to kill any man that comes close to me. Josh had even told me that an unknown caller had called him on Wednesday night; last week, and warned him to stay away from me. To ensure his safety, I said a painful goodbye. Now I spend my work days acting like he doesn’t exist. It's been a week since I stopped talking to him, and I haven’t received any threat messages, but I still stumble across love notes in my garage—neatly placed on the windscreen of my car. ******************************************************************** I had a lot of work to do on Friday at the office, and they were mostly stuff from days I wasn't psychologically okay to work. My boss stormed into my office on Thursday afternoon, demanding a copy of the write up she had given me to work on—which I hadn’t even looked at. I apologized—wit