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Hello guys, so I've seen girls get betrayed or fooled by guys they thought they had something serious with. I put this together to help or guide everyone who's confused about their stance in a relationship, or ladies who are trying to know if their man is serious about them. I hope you find them helpful..xx

1. He only texts or mails you

We all know that guys hate talking on the phone, but if you’re never hearing the sound of his voice, that could spell trouble. “If I have hung out with a girl a few times and I’m still texting or emailing her, it’s just about s*x for me,” says Dan, 28. Chalk it up to his lack of interest in talking with you—and the ease of technology, a boon for lazy would-be players. If he isn't making efforts to call you every now, and then, then he isn't looking forward to anything serious with you.

2. He tells you that he’s not a relationship nor husband material

Some guys inform girls about their disinterest in a relationship early on with remarks like “I’m not ready for a serious relationship yet.” It can be easy to think he’s just being honest and may eventually come around after he’s gotten to know you. But don’t fall for it. “Some guys always have excuses as to why they can’t take the relationship to the next level,” says Sherry Argov, author of Why Men Marry Bitches: A Woman’s Guide to Winning Her Man’s Heart. If a man tells you he's not a relationship material, believe him.

3. You always in the same hang-out spot
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Sure, he may say “It’s my favorite place,” or “It’s our place,”, but if he never takes you to other places, chances are he's hiding you, and doesn't want people to know about you and him. As sweet as his words may seem to you, his motives are likely not so romantic. A guy who wants something serious will put his thoughts and efforts into each of your dates — but a guy who just wants s*x will make the weekly Olive Garden dinner a preamble to taking you back to his place (which just happens to be around the corner). Watch out if he keeps meeting you in the same place and doesn’t vary from routine, Argov warns. “He’s with you at the little Mexican place, but with another girl at the Chinese place the next night and another girl at the sushi place the night after that.” He doesn't need to pull out all the stops on every date, but beware of night after night of the same thing. A player will go for what’s quick, convenient and cheap — just like his intentions.

4. He makes too many promises he won't keep

It would be easy to avoid these guys if they said things like, “I want you to come over and have s*x with me — and then disappear". But rather guys try to woo you with what they think you want to hear. If all he wants is s*x, he’ll promise you things you haven’t even thought of yet. Men know that by talking about love, fabulous exotic vacations, babies, houses with the white picket fences, women will give up the goods. He’s fattening you up for the kill. So if there’s lots of talk of big future plans very early in your dates, beware. 

5. He only makes last-minute, and late-night plans to see you 

It seems obvious, but sometimes a guy can conceal the real intentions behind a booty call by making it sound innocent enough, citing how he’s working late or has dinner plans with friends — but that he really wants to see you. Then comes the clincher: a line like, “Can we meet for a quick drink, or maybe I could just stop by your place on my way home?” Sure, a little impatient enthusiasm is flattering, but if he’s truly into you, he’ll make plans in advance. For the guy who’s smitten, the anticipation of seeing the woman he likes is as exciting to him as the date itself.

6. He avoids the getting-to-know-you talks 

Everyone knows a relationship requires communication, especially at the begining. A guy who plans to date you will give you a chance to talk about each other. A friend of mine said, "with girls that I only want to have s*x with, I go out to lots of movies, and that way, I don’t have to talk to them. Afterwards I can justify going home with them since we did hang out and had an official date.” According to Mira Kirshenbaum, author of Is He Mr. Right? Everything You Need To Know Before You Commit, it should be apparent when a guy is interested in getting to know you. “He may also be s*xually attracted to you and want to have s*x with you,” says Kirshenbaum, “but other things will have equal weight, such as having conversations with you about topics that you care about and interests you share.” 

7. He compliments your body way too much, and talks about getting physical
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Some guys will say just about anything to get a woman to have s*x with him. Ever heard any of these lines? “We’ll just cuddle.” “You’re just so s*xy that I can’t help myself.” “My underwear is chafing me.” For the records: Men aren't huge fans of cuddling, they can help ourselves, and their underwear is fine.

8. He doesn’t introduce you to his friends 

If you’ve been dating a month or more, and you still have seen neither hide nor hair of any of his coworkers, acquaintances, siblings or pals, he’s likely never going to bring you home to meet the parents. “I’ll introduce girls I’m genuinely interested in to my guy-friends within two to three weeks of dating,” Jake explains. “At that point I’m feeling comfortable enough with her to see what my friends think". Don’t fret if you’ve passed the four-date mark and you haven’t yet met his mom, though. “Some men won’t introduce you to their families, because they’re embarrassed by them,” says Argov. Still, he should begin integrating you into his life within the first few months of dating. If not, it’s a sign that this guy’s into getting physical, and nothing more.

9. He doesn't want to be close to you nor see you during your period

Yes I said it. Guys who are only interested in s*x, loathe when a woman is on her period. They'll give you excuses and reasons why they can't see you, but the moment your period is over, they're free. A man who wants to be serious with you will always want to see you whether you're in your period or not. They'll even make sure you're okay at that moment, and would be willing to help get you anything you need.

So ladies, here are 9 ways to know if a guy is genuinely interested in you. Love you


  1. Even d one dat introduces u to his friends, tells Dem u are d third girl for the day, so I don't agree with some

    1. You are right but if he doesn't introduce you at all, he isn't proud of you.


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