After two weeks of not receiving texts nor calls from this psychopath, I and Josh thought he had finally walked away or better still, dead. I couldn't imagine how someone is hell-bent on making my life miserable.

We wanted to take things seriously, but we still scared. I'm not the type that stays in a secret relationship, but now, I have to—just because I don't want either I nor Josh, to get hurt.

Going home was no longer fun for me. I used to look forward to when the clock would tick 5 p.m. so I would pack up and leave, but fear has eluded me that home is nothing more than a nightmare for me. 

Today I decided to stay back after work, and do more edits. I had less stuff to work on so I would just finish off other than going home. I keep my phone switched off more often now, so I wouldn't receive any text message from Mr. P! I had named him “Mr. P”, short term for “Mr. Psychopath”, since I don't know his name nor anything about him. The night was fast approaching, and I could hear the crickets chirping already. 

"Hush, it’s gonna be a scary night", I thought. 

Tap, tap, I heard a soft knock on my door. My heart jumped into my mouth as I felt my stomach tighten. 

"Wh...o's" I stammered. 
"Josh". Came the reply. Heaving a sigh of relief, I made the sign of the cross, and muttered "thank God" as I opened the door for him. 
"Are you ok, baby?" He asked, kissing my forehead. 

Oh! How much I love forehead kisses! I could tell he was worried. 

“Yes, I am". 

He wrapped his arms around me, and gently pushed my head on his chest. I felt safe. He kissed my hair, and whispered, “you are so soft". 
I didn’t have words so I just shut my eyes, and savored the moment. He pulled me closer in a tight hug for ten minutes, then lifted me up, and placed me on my desk while he pulled out the swivel chair, and sat opposite me. 

"How did you know I was here?", I asked. 
"I worked late too so when I was about leaving, I saw your car was still parked outside. I tried calling you, but it was switched off. So I decided to come check up on you”. 
"You are sweet, thank you", I said, with a smile. 
"Your safety is my priority. So how about Mr. P?" “Heard from him lately?" 
"No, I haven't, and can we not talk about him, please?" 
"Okay, but you should pack up now, and go home. Come on, I will walk you to your car". 
"Ok", I replied as I got down from the desk and wore my shoes. Having made sure the files and manuscripts were neatly packed in the drawer, I was ready to leave. 

"You know what I like about you?" 
"No, Josh, what?" "And stop looking at me like that". 
"You are a perfectionist", he said. 
“Oh, don’t be silly now”, I teased, walking towards the door. 
"Come here", he said, grabbing my left arm. He pulled me close to himself, lifted my face, and stared into my eyes. 
"You are so beautiful, Moxie". His face was lit with his beautiful signature smile. "Thank you", I replied shyly. 
"Let's get married", he said, pecking my cheeks. 
“Haha”, I laughed so hard. 
“Just like that, Josh?” 
“Yes, just like that”. 
“Alright, let me think about it”, I replied. 
“You have all night to. Take your time”. At this point, his voice was getting softer, and I could feel my heart racing. 

“J-osh, can we leave now?” I don’t trust myself enough to hold back if he makes a move. 
“We don’t have to rush, you know”. He brushed my hair backwards with his fingers, and looked into my eyes again. I could tell he was falling in love. I closed my eyes for a minute because I didn'twant him to find the answers he was looking for. He breathed all over my face, bent a little and kissed my lips. 

Omg, they are so soft! 

He kissed me again, again, and again. 

"Your lips are so soft, and tasty". He said. These were same thoughts I had about his lips! 
“Thank you”, I managed to mutter, as he kissed me again. 
“What do they taste like?” 
“Ouu, I see”. 

At this moment, I couldn’t fight the urge to kiss him, anymore. I bit his lips, and he moaned. I parted my lips, and our tongues met, and played for a while. We were locked in that passionate kiss for about fifteen minutes. My left hand was at the back of his head, caressing his hair, while my right hand caressed his chest. All the while, he held my face in his hands. I knew that sooner, he was going to reciprocate my caresses. Just as I had thought, he moved his right hand slowly down my b*obs, and gently squeezed them. 

"My God", He said. 

This isn't right. I wanted it, it felt good but it isn't right. Reluctantly, I pulled his hand back up to my chin. 

"Why?” “You don't want it?”, He asked, amidst moans. Now I had stopped kissing him. "Josh, we shouldn't be doing this", I said pulling away. 
"Ok, I'm sorry, I started this, and I'm so---r". I didn't let him finish. I kissed him again. He had a hard-on; his pants gave him away. I wasn't sure about how I felt at the sight of that. Seeing the smirk on my face, he lifted me again, and dropped me on the desk like he did the first time, but this time, he didn't sit. He stood and kissed me harder, loosening the buttons on my shirt. 

There they were, my two oranges perfectly tucked in my bra, staring at him. 

"They are so perfect, and you don't want to know what I want to do to them right now", He said , touching them. My hard t*ts were already outlined, and showing through my bra. 
"You know what, baby?" He asked. 
"What?" I was surprised stopped. 
"I don't want our first time to be like thi-" 

Dum! We heard a thud outside the door. Fear gripped me. I wasn't sure about Josh, but he swiftly buttoned me up, held me by the hand, and took me to my car after locking up the office. We saw no one outside. It was 10 p.m! 

Omg! Is that how time flies? 

As I got into my car, he shut the door, got into his own car, and drove behind me till I got home. All the way home, I thought about how caring Josh was, and how much of a good boyfriend he would make. I haven't been in any relationship since I got done with my ex four years ago.

"Be safe, and goodnight", he kissed my lips, and hugged me tight. I wanted more!
"You too", I said, so scared, and this time, the fear was unusual. 


I got to the office the next day, worried about Josh not calling me last night to tell me that he was home. His numbers haven't been available either—all night, to this morning. Right on my office desk was a package. I quickly opened it, and emptied the content. They were pictures of a burnt house and a burnt car. At first I couldn't make anything out of it till my phone's text alert rang. 


I placed my hands on my chest. I was so weak, my heart was racing, my feet was numb, my eyes were getting shut, and I felt like I was drowning. 

Oh Jesus! It was only then I realized that the burnt house and car were Josh's.. 

"Oh my God, Josh, Josh, Jo-sh, Jo-" 


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  1. Moxie now I can't sleep

  2. Omg I hope nothing happened to josh

  3. Look at that chemistry you both have ��

  4. What. Don't tell me anything happened to Josh

  5. Is this a true life story bcos I'm freaking out on ur behalf


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