THE OBSESSION... Episode Finale

The cops ended up not finding a lead to a suspect. They left and told me to call as soon I start receiving the messages again. Life was starting to be normal again, but I didn’t want to get comfortable, and have this psycho resurface again. It's been almost twelve months since I lost Josh. The cops didn't find his burnt body. Obviously the psycho must have disposed it in a river. I made new friends who cheered me up, but no one could fill the void of loneliness—one special thing I shared with Josh. Slowly I was beginning to get back to my usual self. I'd be 27 in four months, and it was time to work harder, and spend more time with my new friends.

I met Dan through a friend. We got along fine and eventually became sweethearts. We were far apart from each other which was fine by me because he wouldn't get hurt by Mr. P—whom I don’t know if is still alive or not. We became intimate, and I told him about the ugly experience I had and how I lost Josh, and he promised to be there for me and help me fight the psycho. I thought he was finally going to replace Josh when things got heated up between us. I longed to see him same way he wanted to see me but distance was a barrier. So many nights we would talk on phone for hours and he would keep me smiling unstoppably. My heart yearned for him, and I wanted to always be in his arms. At the long run, we became inseparable, and he made plans to come see me. I was so happy, and just couldn't wait for it.


We met and he was exactly what I had imagined him to be from his pictures—cute, above average, macho, and yes! cute lips. I was so shy meeting him. He hugged me when I alighted from the car, and said, “Moxie, it’s so good to finally meet you". I just chuckled. We had fun, saw movies together, counted the stars at night and discussed romance. Our first kiss was like a match made in heaven.

Maybe because we had been craving for it. He was sweet, and I was happy to love again. My birthday was in three days time. I came back from work so happy. I was going to meet Dan later in the evening for a movie date. Having dropped my bag on the living room table, I jumped in my sofa with my legs playing in the air. I called him but he wasn't picking up. "Maybe he's busy", he’d just call back", I thought. 

I went to the kitchen to get some water from the fridge, and saw a note pasted on the door, and it read , “MISSED ME B*TCH? THE COPS NEVER HELPED YOU, AND THEY WON'T. NOW IF YOU DON'T WANT YOUR NEW MAN DEAD, JUST LET HIM LEAVE". "AND BY THE WAY, YOUR MILK IS FINISHED, YOU NEED TO HIT THE GROCERY STORE ASAP". I wasn't thirsty anymore. I rushed back to the room and called Dan again. “Thank God", I heaved a sigh. 
"What are you thanking God for?" He asked. 
"That you are safe". "Oh, you think I am?" He mocked. "I don't know how this will sound Moxie, but we should stop seeing each other at the moment. I might be going back tomorrow. I have just been trying to book my flight. Nothing has changed the way I feel about you but I need to stay alive first". The line went dead. Dan ended the call on me without letting me say a word. 

"B...ut thi...s wasn't you promised me". I muttered. 

"You idiot! You f*ol, kill me already!" "Ki......ll me!”, I screamed. 

Beep beep, came my message alert. “On your birthday..."

Hold on a second! Is this psycho planning to murder me on my birthday? 


 I didn't go to work the next day, and I didn't want to go anymore. Bree can fire me—I don’t care. I was fed up! Would it not be better to be dead? Would it not be better I take my own life than let this psycho kill me for nothing! My colleagues called from work to know why I haven’t showed up, and I told them I was down with flu. I was thankful that none of them knew where I lived because I didn’t want anyone visiting. I turned my phone off—I didn't want to hear from anyone anymore. 

At 11:58 p.m, the next night, I heard a gun shot in front of my house. It sounded like it came from my doorstep. I panicked, looked through the blind on drawing it apart a bit, and I saw a male figure right in front of my door. I summoned courage and tiptoed downstairs—grabbed a knife from the kitchen, and dashed towards the door like a lion. I was ready to stab anyone there—straight in the heart. 

On opening it, a familiar voice said, “Happy birthday, baby!". My head spun for about ten seconds, and I lost consciousness within those ten seconds. It was Josh dressed in rags. On the floor was someone dressed in a hoodie. He got up in a twinkle of an eye, and threw a knife at Josh. I pushed him back, and Josh—in self defence, fired a shot that went straight to his heart. The knife he threw at Josh had hit his leg and stuck to his bone. The pain made him groan, and I almost pulled the trigger again at the mysterious idiot laying on the ground. Having made sure that the guy was dead, I ran upstairs, switched my phone on and called the cops. 

Quickly I drove Josh to the hospital. I was in tears; tears of sadness, pain, and joy. I laid on his chest as he explained to me everything that happened right from the night of the fire. After he followed me home, someone had followed him to his house. He played along and pretended not to know. He got home and took the emergency exit out of his house. The psycho got frustrated on not meeting him inside, and then lit up the building, thinking he had died. Josh went AWOL, and pretended to be dead but kept an eye on me. He started dressing like a lunatic beggar. He would come every night and sit across the street watching my house. 

On several occasions, he had seen Mr. P walk into my house disguised in his hoodie, and mask. He wore gloves too, and every part of his body was covered. 

“All these while, I studied his moves, and I was determined to capture him before your birthday because I thought that’d be the best gift to give to you, since I have nothing now”, finished Josh. 

I couldn’t hold back my tears. Josh is indeed the perfect birthday gift to me at 27.

"Hey, the identity has been revealed, do you know Miss Jeanne?". One of the cops asked as he walked up to us! 
"Miss Jeanne?" "Hold on, are you saying that it's been a girl behind all these?" 
"Can I see her?" I was curious.
"Sure", he replied, as he led the way to the autopsy unit. He pulled off the white sheet covering her face. 
"Oh my God", I shouted, and almost collapsed. 
"What's that?", came Josh, limping. I rushed, and hugged him. 
"It's Sammie's girlfriend". "Sammie dumped her for me after I found out he had a girlfriend. I had told him I didn't want to have anything to do with him anymore because he was in a relationship”, I said, amidst tears. 
"Omg, is Sammie safe?" I muttered. I haven’t heard from him for so long. 
"I don't know, and you are not getting in contact with him ever again", Josh replied. 


Back in the house, after proper investigation, we found out that Jeanne had planted smart cameras in hidden places, and monitored me daily. How she could hear what I say is still a mystery. 

Josh recovered fully, and proposed. Well, at least I have no one to worry me now—as I look forward to spending the rest of my life with the man of my dreams; even though he now limps, but that is a scar I’ll always remember that he got while trying to save my life.

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  1. Omg so now josh has to walk around limpimg

  2. I enjoyed every bit of it. Thank God say Josh no die

  3. OMG at a point I thought mr was only existing in your head.but boom I love every bit of it


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