I was scared and I am still scared. This person was beginning to make life miserable for me. I can't have a relationship with anyone because he threatens to kill any man that comes close to me. Josh had even told me that an unknown caller had called him on Wednesday night; last week, and warned him to stay away from me. To ensure his safety, I said a painful goodbye. Now I spend my work days acting like he doesn’t exist.

It's been a week since I stopped talking to him, and I haven’t received any threat messages, but I still stumble across love notes in my garage—neatly placed on the windscreen of my car.


I had a lot of work to do on Friday at the office, and they were mostly stuff from days I wasn't psychologically okay to work. My boss stormed into my office on Thursday afternoon, demanding a copy of the write up she had given me to work on—which I hadn’t even looked at. I apologized—with the excuse that I wasn’t strong. I really couldn’t explain my ordeal to anyone because I was scared for them; I was scared for their safety, and even if I did try to explain to her, I bet she wouldn't understand.

No one knows, except Josh! Unfortunately, she didn't care if I was sick or not. 

“This is the reason you’re getting paid, so get your ass to work”, she said before storming out. 
“And, oh! Moxie, I need that ready by Friday morning at 8! You have just a few hours, and that means you could be sacrificing your sleep tonight”, she added. 

Well, would you blame her? She’s my boss after all. I turned my phone off because I didn't want a disturbance. Luckily, I finished the work at exactly 7:45 a.m., and I proceeded to her office. On getting there, I saw she had a visitor. Before I could decide on whether to wait or come back later, she beckoned to me. 

“Hello”, I smiled at the young man, sitting right opposite her. I could tell he was her lover, from the way he was seated comfortably—with legs crossed. No one would be so relaxed around my boss that way unless she’s super fond of you. She has this aura of fear that makes it almost impossible for you to approach her, or say hi. 

“Hi”, he replied with a crooked smile, while extending his hand. I wasn’t sure if I should shake him, as I don’t want Miss Bree offended. Oh by the way, that’s my boss’s name. I ignored him, and turned to my boss. 

“It's done ma, I’m sorry it took me a while". I said, almost fidgeting. "It's fine, Moxie, you can leave now”. 

"Thank you”. I said, with a bow—in a manner of respect. 

"Hey, come back here". She fired. Her thunderous voice is one reason I'm scared of her. I don't ever want to hear her raise her voice at me. 

"Why didn’t you properly greet my visitor?” She blurted out as I walked back to her desk. 

It was just then I realized it was rude of me to have refused his handshake. Now thinking about it, I wasn’t sure if it was because of the psycho stalking me, or because I didn’t want to offend my boss. 

"Oh, I'm so sorry ma". "Good morn...." Omg! Sammie!!! I had taken my time to look at the young man now. It was Sammie! But what on earth is he doing here? I never imagined seeing him again after the way we both parted ways. 

"Hi Moxie", he said. He doesn't even look excited to see me. 

"What's going on here?". “You both know each other?" My boss asked. 
"Ye-s" I replied. 
"Long story". He added. 
"You can leave now", my boss said to me. 

My legs couldn't carry my body anymore, and worst of all, I'm on high heels. Once I was out of their sight, I quickly pulled off my shoes, and ran barefooted to my office. My head was dizzy—the only thing that kept echoing in it was "I will find you!”, and those were exactly the last words from Sammie over the phone ten months ago. 

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