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I woke up in the hospital with Sammie by my side holding my hand. I was tad bit surprised to see him. He smiled at me on opening my eyes but I was too weak to smile back, and too weak to say a word.

“Bree told me they saw you lying lifeless in your office. They thought you were dead", he said.

"How long have I been here?", I managed to ask. 

"Two days, Moxie, get more rest". 
"Wait, have you heard from Josh, please?" He wasn't smiling anymore. Maybe he didn't like the question, but I didn’t care because he was the only one that mattered to me at the moment. Heaving a sigh, he said, "I don't know how to break this to you but Josh, I...” 
"It's ok Sammie, I already know what you want to say". I buried my face in my palms, took a deep breath, and allowed the tears to flow effortlessly. "Do you want me to get anything for you?"
"No, I'm good”. He offered his handkerchief to wipe my tears but I didn't want that. I turned over on my side trying to back him but felt a sharp pain on my waist that made me groan. I must have fallen hard on that floor. 

"Anyway, if this will make you happy, the doctor said you'd be discharged today so I'm here to take you home”. Did he just say "make me happy?". Guess he doesn’t know what it means to lose someone that means so much to you. 

Being home, I didn't know how I'd survive without Josh because he was the only one who visited me. I needed some company but didn't trust anyone anymore. I mean anyone could be this pathetic psycho! Sammie visited for a while, and stayed with me all through my healing process. I had wondered how he knew my address—all the drive home on the day I was discharged. As if he knew what I was thinking about, 
he said, “Bree let me get your address from your work profile”. 

“Oh, I see. Nice of her”, I had replied, unimpressed. 

He could tell it was sarcasm. I dealt with the reality that Josh’s gone, for about three months. There was no sign of Mr. P, no text messages anymore. No letters, no notes. He's finally good after murdering Josh. 

Cold hearted criminal!!! Arrrrghh!!! I clenched my fist at the thought of that. “If I ever get you, I would set you on fire exactly the same way you did to him!!!", I said aloud. 

My phone beeped. "You don't wanna set your eyes on me, B*tch!". 

This psychopath is still existing! I laughed! No, I wasn't scared anymore; I think he’s done his worst, and I don’t care if he decides to take my life now, but I’ll be sure to revenge Josh’s death before he does. I grabbed the kitchen knife, and ran to the door. He probably must be watching me from somewhere. I opened the door but I saw no one. I ran down the stairs, down to the street but it's just normal people going about their daily life. 

“Show your face, you monster!”, I screamed. 

"Beep" "beep", came my phone again.... 
"Save yourself the stress b*tch." "By the way, I have a present for you, go behind your kitchen door and find it". I ran back upstairs straight to the kitchen, and I wasn't scared still. I opened the door and went behind. 

"Oh my God!" "What is this?" It looked like a Robot. He sent another text asking me to press a button on the body of the robot. I saw a yellow button behind it. I did and a big envelope fell out. I tore it open and there were pictures of my naked body in shower and pictures of me sleeping in Josh's arms. 

"Do you miss him now?" "Don't mess with me". 

Slowly, I walked to my bedroom, threw myself in bed, and wailed. 

My eyes have become sore. I couldn't talk to anyone because I feared for their safety, but now, I think I have to involve the cops. I placed a phone call, and explained my ordeal to them. They came over in less than a minute, ransacked the house—hoping to find some evidence that will eventually lead to a suspect, but there was nothing. I showed them the robot, and they thought it was childish. 

“I wouldn’t be surprised if this is all from a ten year old”, one of the cops scoffed, while taking it out. 

What ten year old would be thinking about a lady twice older than he is?, I womdered 

They decided they were going to keep watch over me. It felt like being in a cage. I didn't know what life was anymore. I had the police being with me all through my daily activities. My boss thought I was being delusional. 

She didn’t believe stalkers do exist. Eventually the cops stuck around for months waiting for Mr. P to show up again, but he didn’t! I guess he’s gone now! They wanted the texts he sent me but they usually disappeared after I read them so they kept waiting for another to come, to enable them track him. Unfortunately, none came. They conducted another search everywhere in the house—this time, thoroughly, hoping to find something that will link to him, but nothing was found. But hold on a sec, I don't hear from Sammie anymore. I dialed his number, and it was switched off. 

"Hmmmm". I shrugged.

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