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Hi guys so I read this and I thought I should share with y'all because it is very important for us women. I think by now, you should already know I share so many amazing and helpful stuff, so don't forget to visit my blog every day to learn, and also have fun with my stories.

Here are seven things you need to avoid when you're on your period, and the reasons why.

1. Do not drink ice water, or soda water. Cold water can worsen cramps(if you do have cramps during period).

2. Don't be on heavy washing while menstruating . This is because the pores are open during this period, and this causes headache.. This effects can be felt whether you are young or old. 

3. Do not eat cucumber during menstruation because the sap present in the cucumber can block some menstrual blood waste in the uterine wall and it can cause barrenness. 

4. During menstruation, your body should not be knocked or hit by hard objects, especially the abdomen because it can lead to vomiting blood, and the uterus can be injured. This can cause UTERUS CANCER, and CYSTS, and even barrenness. 

5. Avoid dairy. Milk, cheese, cream and other dairy products can increase prostaglandins—the hormones that make your uterus contract during your period—and can make cramping worse. Try reducing these foods in your diet, or avoid them altogether when you're on your period. 

6. Avoid alcohol and Caffeinated drinks. While alcohol may reduce cramps temporarily, in can increases estrogen levels, thus worsening period symptoms. Reduce your coffee intake as it increases blood pressure and heart rate leading to tension and anxiety attacks and in turn, worsening the PMS symptoms. 

7. Avoid eating certain fruits. Fruits like pineapples are considered a big no-no during periods. They can increase menstruated flow so if you must eat them, eat in moderation. Research proves that drinking ice water during menstruation can cause menstrual blood remaining in the uterine wall for up to 5-10 years, and can cause UTERUS CANCER.

I hope you find them helpful. Love you.. xx


  1. Thats for ladies. I don't anyone to advice on that Still single. Thanks.


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