Hi guys, so with questions I get on how to lose weight, and how to gain weight, I believe this article would help in knowing what foods to eat or avoid; depending on what your body goals are.

It’s important to know your BMI (Body Mass Index) first so you know if you’re underweight, overweight, or perfectly healthy. A BMI of 25.0 or more is overweight, while the healthy range is 18.5 to 24.9.

To gain weight, you need to eat more calories than you burn, and to lose weight, you have to burn more calories than you eat. 

Calculate the calories you burn daily using this link

Without much ado, below is a list of Nigerian foods with the most Calories. You also need to know that some of these foods can be found in other countries; not just in Nigeria. 

1. White rice — 693 calories per cup. I think this has got the highest number of calories. 

2. Fufu — 330 calories per wrap 

3. Pounded yam 

4. Eba — 400 calories per cup. By the way I love Eba! 

5. Fried plantain — 68 calories per slice 

6. Beans — a cup of cooked beans with oil contains 520 calories 

7. Nuts! I bet you didn’t know that as small as they are, they’re packed with high calories, especially peanuts (Nigerians call it groundnut) 

8. Banana — a finger contains about 100 calories. Imagine eating more than one with nuts.. lol 

9. Margarine — 102 calories per cup 

10. Bread

One of the easiest ways for me to get fat is by eating bread on a daily. Please note that it isn’t so healthy too. 

11. Semovita — 600 calories per cup, and I bet you didn’t know. 

12. White flour — 455 calories per cup 

13.  Soybeans — 446 calories per cup 

14. Amala — 352 calories per cup 

15. Moi-moi — 306 calories per wrap 

16.  Okpa — 250 calories per wrap

By the way, I love okpa so much!

17. Indomie noodles — 640 calories per super pack 

18. Egusi soup! Imagine combining it with any of the swallow foods I already mentioned! Well you’re beckoning on fat. 

19. Corn — be it roasted or boiled. 

20. Milk 

21. Pap — especially when you mix it with milk. This is one food I'll never like for any amount of money. I've always hated it from infanthood, and I remember my mum always force-fed me. Weird thing about it is that it was never plain pap; she mixed it with milk, ovaltine, or crayfish. Ikr! Lol. Maybe that's one of the reasons my skin is effortlessly healthy and flawless so I'm still grateful to her.

Bonus tips on how to gain weight 

* Eat more often 

* Eat more than you burn 

* Eat healthy but high calorie meals 

* Drink milk 

* Snack on nuts. They have high calories 

* Exercise/lift weights to build your muscles 

* Don’t drink water before eating. Your stomach will get filled up thereby making you eat less. 

* Get enough sleep 

* Use bigger plates to eat 

* Eat before and after your workout If you trying to lose weight, then do the opposite of these, but you can still get enough sleep, and exercise because they’re perfectly healthy for you. 

Do more aerobic exercises than lifting weights. 

So that’s it, guys. I hope you find this helpful.. xx 
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