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It was a very hot afternoon, and I needed some ice cream to cool my burning throat. I walked into the mall and to my utter amazement, there's a queue already waiting to be served.

"Well, I guess everyone just feels exactly same way I feel at the moment". I muttered to myself. Lately, I have been talking to myself a lot.

I joined the queue, put on my headset, and pressed play on Justin Bieber's Intentions. That song has been on repeat for days, and I think it’s time I update My Obsessions in my diary because I’m definitely obsessed.

Looking by the corner, I saw a guy and a girl kissing and I murmured "get a room fellas". Just then, it was like everyone was staring at me. Oh well, I never knew I said it out loud enough to everyone's hearing.

"Yeah, what do you want please?"
"Ice cream", I said. “Or isn't it what this stand is for?" I added.
"It is, but I need to know your flavor”, she calmly replied.

I was impressed she didn’t react to my sarcasm.

"Oh well, a scoop of vanilla, and a scoop of chocolate”.
"We don't have that", said the guy behind the counter making popcorn.
"Then she shouldn't have asked me what I wanted".
"Just go ahead and give me what you have". I was getting impatient.

The guy behind me hissed, “madam, please people are waiting".
"Chill man, I was here first".

I couldn't wait to start eating. As I dug the plastic spoon into the ice cream, I heard "hey". I knew that whoever it was, was talking to me. I didn't care to know because I wasn't ready for a discussion, besides I was thinking of how to get home under the scorching sun. I didn’t have enough money on me for taxi either. I was imagining the long walk to the bus stop where I’ll get a bus to the house.

"I'm talking to you dear", said the voice again; this time tapping my shoulder.
"Oh, hi", I managed to smile.
"I'm Jade, I came here to...."
"I'm Moxie, and I'm sorry, I'm really not in the mood for a discussion".

His jaw dropped and he stared into oblivion. I could tell he wasn’t used to being hushed—not by a girl at least. While his mouth was still agape, I took a few seconds to study him. He was quite tall, dressed in a shirt tucked in a neatly ironed chinos pants, decently cute, and light skin. Oh! Light skin, maybe that’s why he’s not getting my attention. Then his feet! He was wearing a pair of bathroom flip flops. Wow, you dressed this cute to put on a bathroom slippers to a public place?

"Was today meant to be a bad day for me?", I muttered under my breath. First I wanted a lift from the office and I got none. The two guys that approached me didn't meet my taste. One looked rough like he jumped off a bike and the other just wasn’t cute. Really I'm a working class lady and I should not be seen with guys who are below par. At this point, I'm already thinking about getting married, but not to these broke guys. No, not even this one with ugly slippers. He looked smart but he should have at least brushed his hair. His life is probably unorganized! "

Well Moxie", he jerked me back to reality.
"I wanted to give you a lift because I saw how worn out you are, but I respect women a lot, and I understand that you don't want to talk to me. I do hope to see you again", he said as he walked away.

"Bye Jade", I scoffed. I trailed behind just to see what car he had. He walked to clean white Rolls Royce, opened the boot, took out a pair of designer shoes, changed into them, and dropped the ugly slippers.

"Boy, I love being free, but ugh, I gotta wear this shoe again". I saw his lips move, and I could swear those were the words he said to himself. A man from the driver's seat—whom I figured was his driver called out, “Boss, are we going back to the company?" "Yes please, Mustafa, right away".

OMG, DAMN, Did I just miss this? Oh, no!!!!!, this could be my future husband. 

My legs were too heavy to move. I just stood there, and watched the car zoom away.

DISCLAIMER: This story is purely fiction



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