"Hey girl, what's up, you home?"
"Yes I am"
"Okay, I'm coming over, I'm bored".
"A'ght, see ya"..

My friendship with Amie wouldn't be tagged as "best" but I sure do love her for a lot of reasons, except for the fact that she's an introvert, and now that she's called me saying she's coming over, I couldn’t help but wonder why.

What could it be this time? Is she fighting with her boyfriend again? Oh well, whatever it is, I would find out when she comes. 

Just as I was about getting in bed to watch my movie, my phone rang and I knew it was her so I just walked straight to the door. We don't share hugs like most friends do. We just start our gossips immediately from wherever we stopped but today I curious to know about her relationship. 

"Errm, what's up, how's Peter?", I asked. "He's fine. Why are you asking about him?" "Huh.. I can't ask after our in-law again?" 

Whatever the hell you saw in that boy. I muttered to myself. 

"Anyway, I didn't come to talk about Peter. I was so bored at home and lonely". 

I knew something was fishy. Amie has always enjoyed staying alone, and she was always eager to talk about her boyfriend. 

"Ehen Moxie, that reminds me, do you know that Cindie now has a boyfriend or should I say fiancĂ©?" 
"Hu...h?" I said, trying to catch my breath. "How did you know?" 
"She’s been flaunting him on Instagram. I thought you both are following each other?" 
"Ugh, yeah, I haven't been on Instagram of recent". 

How in the world did Cindie have a boyfriend and I'm still single. Just the other day, I missed some rich guy in the mall. She always posted on Facebook that ladies should not settle for a man that is still climbing the ladder of success. We both strongly believed in dating a billionaire, and love wasn’t important. What the hell! 

"Um Amie, let me see a picture of the boyfriend". I just couldn't hide my shock. 
“Sure, a second! Here", she was on Cindie's Instagram page. I grabbed the phone from her so I can access the dude well. 
"Ha, Amie, is it this guy? I asked smiling for the first time in ten minutes. 
"Yeah, that's him". 
"Hmm, what did you think?” 
“I think nothing. You’ve been acting weird since I came, what's up?" 

Amie is surely one person that can read a person well and tell you about them, but today she's clearly avoiding some discussions with me. 

"I'm good, Amie, You the one who’s been acting weird though”, I told her with my eyes still fixed on Cindie's man. "Could it be that this girl had a boyfriend all these while? Yet she kept posting stuff on social media like she's single, and advising girls not to settle for less. But her boyfriend doesn't even look rich. So almost all my friends are in a relationship or married and I don't even have anyone who sends me a good morning text. Arrgh!!!" These thoughts kept running through my mind. 

"Moxie, I gotta go. You are so abnormal and boring today" , Amie said, getting up to leave. Oh, I was so relieved she's leaving. Right now, I need to think about my life. Besides she's not even the type that talks about boys. She could have hooked me up with one. Oh no! I don’t want a Peter kind of boyfriend who makes no effort to elevate himself. 

"Sweetie, I'm so sorry, I just feel dizzy. I promise to make this up to you, ok?" I pleaded. 
"Yeah, bye". I knew she was mad but I couldn't help it. The news she broke to me broke my heart. I think I should even call Cindie. Dialing her number came the caller tune, “my man means everything to me". I felt a knot tighten in my stomach, and I swallowed hard. 

"Hello love, what's good?", came her sharp voice. She sounded really excited. 
"Hey, howdy, you seem super excited". 
"Yes, I'm always happy, Moxie”, she replied. There was a brief silence between us. “Guess what Moxie?", she asked. 
"What?", I asked, holding my breath. 
"I'm getting married this Christmas!". I could feel the pain in my eardrums.. 
"Wow, um, I never knew you had a boyfriend". 
"Yeah, long story darling, but scratch that, ain't you happy for me?". 
"I am dear, congratulations, and see you soon". 
"Thanks hun". 
"A'ght, gotta go now, talk to you soon", I didn't wait for her reply. 

Damn, this girl has no conscience posting stuff she wasn’t living by, on Facebook, and I was the one living by them. I hung up, switched off my phone and went straight to sleep! 



  1. Motivational speakers never living up to their words. Hahaha 9ce one moxie

  2. So interesting. Can't wait to read the end. Well done Moxie

  3. You are such a great writer

  4. I can't wait to see how it ended


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