MISGUIDED.. Final Episode

Cindie's wedding was breathtaking! After spending 10k on Asoebi, the wedding was worth it. I didn't really attend the wedding though because I wanted to, but because I wanted to see if I could meet any rich guy. That was my major reason for always going to weddings and joining asoebi. It was just me sampling my beautiful self. I think I have done about 20 asoebis, and been in 10-15 bridal train. 

"Oh hi there" 

This dude is really cute and looks rich. Obviously my type! 

"Sorry, have you seen Steph? She's one of the asoebi girls”. 
"Oh, no I haven't", I replied, somewhat disappointed. 
"Ok, thanks tho'. I'm Kelv, and you?", he offered a handshake which I gladly accepted in a slutty manner by rubbing the back of his palm with my thumb. I didn't care if the Steph he was looking for is his girlfriend. I wasn’t seeing any ring on his finger indicating he's married so he's still single and available to me. 

"Find out my name", I replied with a wink. 
"Alright, I have to run along now, can I have your phone number? I will give you a call later in the day”. 
Omg! Finally!!, I'm so happy! 
"Sure! why not?" I took his phone and typed out my number. 
"Talk to you soon".
"Yeah, I'd be expecting your call. Bye Kelv".

It was a happy day for me. I finally met my type of man. His fragrance made me believe he’s rich because it was quite an expensive perfume he wore. I hope he doesn't forget to call me. I had to sneak out of Cindie's reception to go home immediately my taxi man arrived. I needed to freshen up just in case Kelv decides to take me out later in the day. I need a little sleep too so that I don't look worn out. 

"Damn!, it's 8 p.m already!" I shouted as I woke up and looked at the clock. Oh no! I must have missed his calls. Why did I ever sleep! I was so mad at myself for sleeping off and missing Kelv's calls. 

“Anyway, I will just call him back and apologise", I said picking up my phone. 
"Huh? Is this my phone or....", I had to rub my eyes to be certain that it was my phone I picked. 
"Really, he didn't call me?" I was hurt, and sad. Maybe I should just call him and be sure he's ok, or maybe I should just wait till tomorrow and see if he would call. My night was already spoilt, so I would watch some movie and go back to sleep when I can. 

My phone rang by 6 a.m on Saturday morning. I was still unconscious because the caller woke me up. 

"Hey dear, good morning Sunshine", came the voice.

That jerked me back to reality because I suspected it was Kelv! OMG! I looked at my phone to be sure. I wasn't wrong. 

"Hi, good morning", I replied.. 
"Guess you are still asleep, I fell in bed immediately after I came home from the wedding. What are you doing today?" 

My heart leaped with joy at that question. 

"Um, nothing, why?" I was smiling sheepishly. "I was wondering if I could come take you out for lunch". 

My perfect gentleman. How lucky I am! 

"Nothing, I'd be available and, waiting”. 
"Alright, text me your address, and I’d pick you at 1, but you gonna tell me your name now?" 
"Nah, not yet!” 
“Great! See you soon”. He hung up. 

He kept to time, and was at my house at 1 p.m. We went to an Italian restaurant, and had Ossobuco. Afterwards, he drove to his house. 

Kelv really does have a beautiful house. I just couldn't stop imagining myself in his shirts and shorts, walking around. He poured two glasses of blue lagoon which is my favorite, and offered me one. He sat close to me. His fragrance was overwhelming and It turned me on. Who wouldn't get turned on anyway. He's so cute, rich, speaks and dresses well, rides the best of cars. Oh my! 

"You ok babe?", He asked, looking at me seductively. I could feel my t*ts getting hard in my bra. 
"Yeah, sure". 

You are giving yourself away so easily Moxie. 

These words rang continuously in my head. Oh scratch that! If it's s*x he needs for him to stick with me, I would gladly do that; besides couples do that, don't they? 

"You are beautiful".
"Forgive my manners, how can I offer you just a drink, do you want something to eat?" 
"Nah, I'm fine, didn't we just eat about an hour ago?" I replied. 
"You sure you good?" 
"You know, you haven't told me your name", he said, running his index finger in my cleavage. 
"Ouu, I will tell you soon". 

I didn't make any attempt to stop him. I was already h***y, and my dress revealed my really big b**bs. I guess the sight was quite irresistible. 

He gulped down the remaining wine in his glass, came closer and kissed my lips. The taste was awesome. I reacted to it, parted my lips and let him have his way with his tongue. He's got beautiful eyes, a pointed noise, and nice dentition. 

He kissed me hungrily, like a wolf that has been hungry for weeks and finally found a prey. I threw my arm around his neck and dragged him closer to me and kissed every part of his face. He unzipped my dress, unhooked my bra and fed on my b**bs. 

"Damn! You so sexy!", he said amidst moans. 
"And everything about you turns me on", I replied. 

The passion between us was unquenchable. We had more caresses, and moaned each time. I was almost climaxing and he pulled off my pants. He was in. Omg! Is this right! No! but I wanted it! We made love and he splashed his cum all over me. I was ashamed but I tried to conceal that. He led me to the bathroom where I washed up. Right there, he pinned me to the wall, kissed my forehead and whispered in my ear. 

"Enjoyed it?" 
"Yes" I muttered. "And I'm Moxie by the way”. 
"Moxie! It’s a beautiful 
name, just like you are”, he said licking my ear lobes. 
"I'm getting turned on again", I whispered. 
"So am I, let's have fun". He carried me up and placed my back on the bathroom wall. We had another round. 

I was already weak by the time we were done. This was supposed to be a lunch date but he ended up bringing me to his house. It was 10 p.m already. He took me home and left. I showered, ate the extra food I ordered for home, and slept off. 

I woke up the next morning to his text message, “you are so sweet, my Moxie, we should do this often if you don't mind". I smiled, I obviously didn't mind. I knew he felt something for me. I did too but I wasn't sure yet what it was. 

Weeks went by, we got closer and more attached. We started sending love messages to each other. I was happy to finally meet the man of my dreams. We still saw each other and had s*x a couple of times. He got me gifts and spent his money on me. He called me about four or five times everyday. 

It was six months already. He never said anything about marriage to me. I was worried. He's got the money and he's definitely ready. Maybe I should just ask him where our relationship was going, his plans and all. I wanted call him, but no he said he'll see me tomorrow so I'll just wait and ask him. 

My phone rang, and interrupted my thoughts. It was Cindie. She had only called me once since after her wedding so what could it be this time. 

"Hi boo" 
"Hey Cindie, howdy?" 
"I'm all good, can't complain, would you be interested in an asoebi? She knew I was addicted to wearing an asoebi. 
I was reluctant because I didn’t think there was any reason for me to attend weddings anymore nor buy an asoebi since I already have Kelv in my life. 

"Eh, I will think about it, who's getting married?" I asked 
"It's Kelv, hun". 

I passed out!!!!! 


The line went dead.

So guys this is the end of this series. I hope you learnt something? I learnt that you shouldn’t always follow what people say! Watch what they do instead! Don't ever be desperate for anything; especially for marriage, or you'll be taken advantage of. And also it’s more important to find someone who gives you peace of mind, and makes you happy!! If you enjoyed this series, please leave me a comment, and don’t forget to share.


  1. This is the best part. Men eh

  2. Hmmmm, unbelievable. Great lesson for singles.

  3. Awwwwn
    This can't be the end joor
    Who is Kelv getting married to?
    What will happen to Moxie?


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