Wondering why I attached the word "real" to it? Well, because I had experienced robbery when I was about five years old, in my house. The robbers came with big guns and machetes, and jumped the fence into our compound, at midnight. My uncle had heard noises and peeped from the window upstairs, and saw they were thieves.
I can't remember if we were all sleeping or he woke us up to follow him but I remember going with him and my aunt(his wife) to meet the robbers.

He talked with them while I and my aunt waited in the sitting room. I can’t remember what else happened, if he gave them money or not, but he came back inside, locked the doors and went up. My aunt almost peed in her pants because she thought they were gonn’ harm us. 

I never experienced robbery again after that, till my last year in the university in 2014. I had showered that night but didn't sleep because I was always awake at night seeing movies or chatting. 

After shower, I wore a skimpy sleeveless gown that hugged my body(it was more like a long singlet), put on some white face powder, and lay in bed to watch PLL(My favorite series). I kept watching till around 2 a.m when I needed to change to another season(4 or so). I had barely removed the disc when I heard a loud thud at the back of my room. 

I turned off the DVD player so I can listen well—in case I needed to run to safety, but before I could say Jack, a leg was inside my window. 

My hostel was a one-storey building and I stayed upstairs. 

A hand shifted my curtain before bringing his full body in. He had a metal stick in his hand, then he raised his shirt and showed me a small gun and said, almost in whispers, "Shhh, don't talk, don't move or I shoot". 

My body was numb; I couldn't feel anything. It took me a while to realize that he was wearing my shirt!

What kind of thief is this! 

That was the shirt I wore out that evening, and I had hung it on a rope outside my window so the sweat can dry off before I wash it. 

He started walking around my room, like he was looking for something specific. He saw my wallet on top of my fridge, took it, opened it and saw some money inside. He nodded and slid it in his pocket. The wallet also contained my ATM and school ID card. Moving towards my wardrobe, he saw a packet of my Blackberry 10, took it, and on finding out it was empty, he threw it away. 

I was preparing for a pageant that would take place that December, and I already bought my dinner gown and shoes which were all packed in a bag and kept on a seat close to my wardrobe. Silently I prayed that he doesn't see them because they were quite expensive, and I wouldn't have the money to get them again. 

After searching, and prolly not seeing what he was looking for, he started to stare at me; this was the part where I got scared because I imagined his monster face trying to pull my pant as I wasn't even properly dressed. He told me to kneel down, put my hands up and close my eyes. I started begging him, but he slapped me and said I should not beg him. Then, he got my kitchen knife from my plate rack, and flashed it on my face. He asked me to close my eyes again.

Bro, you have a gun, and a knife, and you asking me to close my eyes! What for? 

I kept begging him, and he slapped me again(this wasn’t even funny), and said he doesn’t like to hear sorry so I should shut up, and stop begging. He dropped the metal stick he was holding, and started flogging me with the knife(thank God he wasn't hitting me with the sharp edge). I started begging him again, telling him that I was an orphan, and had no one. How silly of me, lol! I told him I had no one in my life and he shouldn't kill me. I tried so hard to cry but the tears weren't coming. Then he told me to pull my pants! Dreaded moment! I said I was menstruating. He asked to see, and I showed him. To be honest, my pad was as white as snow, I had stopped menstruating so it was just God who saved me at this point. He asked me to “lie face down” in my bed, while he started walking back to the window. 

Once he got to the window, I made an attempt to run outside but he noticed before I could, so he rushed back at me, asked where I was going to, I said I wanted to pee! Guys, my restroom was right there in my room, close to the window, and I’m sure he saw it so he knew I was lying. He kicked me so hard I fell on the bed. While going back, he saw my phones on the floor where they were charging, and he took them. 

Damn! if only I had lay down, I wouldn’t have lost my phones, lol. 

He sat on the window for some seconds, then jumped down. I unlocked my door and ran like a cheetah to a neighbor's room, but I caught myself in the mirror in his room and I remembered I was half naked! I ran back to my room and pulled some shorts before going to wake my friend to tell him what happened. 

That was the last time I ever slept in my room! 

In the morning, I went with some of my hostel mates, and looking out of the window, I saw that the thud I heard was the ladder he climbed to my room with; it had fallen, probably out of mistake. To me, that explained the reason why he sat on my window for some time—he was contemplating on how to jump. 

But alas! He had fled with my most loved shirt. 

I had nightmares for months, dreaming about him, and what happened. I even got scared at nights; especially in the dark. 

I’m quite grateful to God because he saved me, and now I’m telling this story! 

Ps, I think females should be more security conscious, especially when they are living alone. It was one hell of an experience, guys!

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  1. Chai u have finished me with laugh. I was reading and imagining. E no go better for that thief, mo. Love u girl

  2. Moxie please how did u learn how to write? So articulate. By the way I'm sorry u had to experience that

    1. I didn't learn how to write. I just try to get better. Thank you

  3. Hmmm,I experienced robbery in my university days too in my lodge, thank God I didn't see the persons face cos I was asleep while the whole robbery was going on, my Goodness the trauma was second to non, couldn't sleep in my room for over 1month......its terrible

  4. I can imagine the nightmares part. But what kind of thief wears a stolen shirt immediately. He's a psycho lol

  5. I really hate school hostels

  6. This kind of thief ��

  7. I'm sure karma has caught up with him

  8. Thank God you're alive to tell the story, I truly hope he's repented.


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