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Most people just eat the pink juicy part of watermelon, and spit out the seeds/dump the rind in the bin. 

Well, how about I tell you that you've been missing a whole lot?

I sliced up my fruits for dinner and someone saw watermelon sliced too and the fork attached and he was like "hey moxie, are you gonna eat that watermelon like that?" I said "yeah I will" and he was surprised and looked at me like I'm crazy. He said "I know you a weird being but who eats watermelon that way? You sure it's not harmful?" Hell nah, it's not! Read and find out the nutritional benefits you've been missing out by eating only the pink juicy part of this fruit.

1. The rind(which is the green part) of watermelon can reduce blood pressure just in case you have high blood pressure or know someone that has the issue. Some research has also shown that watermelon can help obese adults to control their blood pressure.

2. It could make you better in bed 😊.. I'm not saying the rind is a nature-powered viagra but it can help men with mild to moderate erectile dysfunction. It has libido-boosting powers which come from the amino acid "citrulline" and it's concentrated in the rind.

3. You can blend it with lime for a refreshing treat. The rind contains more citrulline than the pink flesh and it's converted to arginine in your kidneys.

4. The seeds of watermelon contain lots of vitamins and minerals and they are also high in protein. They contain more than one B vitamin which helps you get energy the natural way(You all know how much I love getting what I want the natural way: from skin care to hair treatment and all).

5. Watermelon seeds can improve you skin! Yes, for everyone that's been asking me to write about my skincare regimen, please snack on the seeds of watermelon. High levels of lycopene in these seeds can help reduce the appearance of aging, give your skin a boost and help with libido! ✌🏻.. The unsaturated fats and antioxidants in the seed can help firm up your skin and improve moisture too.

PS: You can eat the seeds like any other nuts or add them to your salads, yoghurt 🍦 or soups.

There are still other benefits but I just have to give you tips on what you've been missing; you can eat the whole of your watermelon, just the way you eat cucumber. It's all edible!

Love you 😘


  1. Moxie imagine I tried it and my friend called me a goat ��

  2. It can be used as an aphrodisiac? Moxie thank u o

  3. Yes o moxie I can attest to this

  4. The last time you posted it on Facebook I started eating rind and the seeds as well! Believe me I enjoyed the seeds the most bcs it has this beautiful taste it gives me, I now enjoy watermelon seeds better than the pink flesh

  5. Oh wow I never thought of this

  6. Hmm I saw my friend eating it and I tot he didn't have sense. Thank u moxie

  7. Anything Moxie says I should try I will try it because of her skin so I'll start eating every part of watermelon


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